Young People at a Workshop

Tees Valley Pathways & Routeways Employment Initiative Programmes

The Tees Valley Pathways and Routeways Programmes are managed by the Council and delivered by a consortium of partners across Tees Valley including the Hartlepool Learning & Skills Service.


The programmes are for young people aged 15 – 29 who are unemployed and/or not in education, employment or training and reside in the Tees Valley. We have supported over 8,000 individuals and have an excellent success rate in helping young people move into Employment, Education, Apprenticeships and Further Training.


Join us and we can provide you with tailored support including:


  • A range of innovative and interesting opportunities to support you to progress;

  • Activities to build your confidence and improve your employability skills;

  • A dedicated Careers Guidance Adviser who will provide you with one to one support;

  • Support through a Flexible Fund which may be able to pay for items such as travel expenses, clothing, equipment, tools and specialist training.

  • Access to specialist provision such as sport and outdoor activities;

  • Routeways in partnership with employers into growth sectors such as Health & Social Care, Construction, Digital and Advanced Manufacturing.


If you or someone you are aware of is interested in accessing our support then please complete one of the following:



The Tees Valley Pathways and Routeways Programmes are part-funded by European Social Fund and supported under the Youth Employment Initiative. They aim to support 11,123 young people through a consortium of Delivery Partners across Tees Valley. The overall contract value is £31.86m with £11.95m from European Social Fund, £11.95m from Youth Employment Initiative and £7.96 of Match Funding.


Offer of Intensive Support for Kickstart Returners

The Tees Valley Pathways & Routeways Programmes are delivered through a consortium of 18 partner organisations who support young people across Tees Valley.


As young people return following completion of their placement through Kickstart, they will require intensive support and encouragement to build on their new knowledge, skills and experience so they can take advantage of opportunities to progress quickly into Sustained Employment. The Tees Valley Pathways & Routeways Programmes provides activities which are tailored specifically to each individual and their career ambitions so they can quickly progress into Education, Employment, Training or Self-Employment.   


All participants receive a named Adviser who works closely with them to deliver flexible one to one and group support, to identify and assist in removing barriers to learning and career progression. We can quickly support young people to:


  • Develop a focussed Individual Career Plan setting short, medium and long-term goals with Advisers providing support on the next steps to ensure their achievement;

  • Receive careers guidance on the job application process including assessment tests, online applications and ensuring information meets the expectation of employers;

  • Access specialist support and workshops to gain the knowledge, skills and qualifications required by local employers;

  • Enhance their employability skills including interview techniques and support to update or improve their CV;

  • Attend weekly Job Clubs with access to vacancies and opportunities including Apprenticeships and Traineeships.

  • Improve their career prospects by effectively utilising Social Media including Facebook, Twitter and especially LinkedIn;

  • Access a flexible fund which may be able to pay for travel costs, childcare, interview clothes and specialist training to secure Sustained Employment, and;

  • Apply for vacancies which are only available to participants on our programme due to the consortiums fantastic links to Employers.


The above offer will be delivered intensively for young people returning from Kickstart and delivered within the first six weeks of being referred onto the Programme. Across the Tees Valley there are a range of other activities which take place to address employment skills that are essential in the world of work. All participants will be able to access these activities:


  • Employer Recruitment Events;

  • Employability Sessions;

  • Specialist Training/Qualifications;

  • Job Clubs;

  • Sector Specific Routeways with a Guaranteed Interview;


If you would like to access support then you can refer yourself or your customers by phoning 01429 857080, emailing or completing our Online Referral Form which is available at